Pop using her ice powers

A puffle using it's powers

Powers== Powers are the main abilities of the members of the Puffle League. They have been trained to use their special skills beyond their actual purpose. They protect penguins and other puffles from the forces of evil (mostly Herbert).

List of powersEdit

Rainbow RelatedEdit

Rainbow Ball (a puffle makes a ball of rainbow colored light and throws it at it's foe)

Rainbow Blast (a jet stream of a rainbow hurtles at the enemy)

Sonic Rainbom MLP (a puffle flies up and then flies down at their enemy leaving a rainbow trail behind them)

Pot O' Gold (a rainbow comes down from the sky and ends at the enemy. A pot of gold slides down it and lands on the enemy's head. Then a angry lepurchan comes down and pumels the foe. They then take their gold back up the rainbow and it dissapears.) 

Air RelatedEdit

  • Tornado (the puffle creates a tornado)
  • Flight (the puffle flies using the air to lift himself/herself)

Current Puffles in Puffle League with Air Powers: Pixie

Water RelatedEdit

Water Ball (the puffle makes a ball of water and throws it at the enemy)

Wave (the puffle creates a wave and it falls on the enemy)

Hurricane (the puffle makes a hurricane and sends it at the enemy)

Whirlpool (the puffle traps the foe in a whirlpool)

Fire RelatedEdit

Melting (works only on metal, the puffle burns so much that it melts metal)

Burning (the puffle burns the enemy)

Fire Ball (the puffle throws a ball of fire at the enemy)

Fire Rain (the puffle launches itself out of a cannon and flies through the air leaving a trail of flame) Welding (the Puffle blows a little but hyper hot fire, when it's hyper hot it turns blue, and uses it to fix things, such as keys, carts, etc.)

Current Puffles in Puffle League with Fire Powers: OscarPixie

Bubble Related Edit

Defense Bubble (a energy bubble forms around the puffle(s) )

Homing Bubble (a bubble follows the foe untill impact)


Sparkle Fart (a rainbow puffle farts on the enemy)

Poop (a puffle poops on the foe)