The Puffle League Wiki

Mona is the Gold Puffle

Some attributes
First Age: 8
Second Color: Gold
Third Friends: Shiney Golden Mine The Puffle League
Other attributes
Fourth Family: Unknown
Fifth Birthday: July 1st 2005
Sixth Game: Puffle Roundup
Monalisa is the Gold Puffle member of The Puffle Leauge. She has two non puffle leauge BFFs. Shiney and Golden Mine.....Who are gold puffles too. She is sweet but shy. That's why she has two awsome BFFs! Her nickname is Mona. She can be sarcastic though. Her kind of active is gold digging. She is eight, making her the second older (the first one is Pixie). Her dream is to take Hawaii's spot in the puffle league one day.