Hawai i

Hawaii is the rainbow member and leader of the Puffle League. She has rainbow powers which consist of the following, rainbow ball, rainbow blast, sonic rainboom MLP XD, rainbow sheild, pot o' gold.


Hawaii is the smart savy puffle who founded the Puffle League. She sometimes gets annoyed when the other puffles don't do their duties. She hates the fight between Oscar and Jake because it gets in the way of their responsabilites. She hand picked (in figurated sense) Popsicle to join the League out of a group of trained puffles from the pet shop. Although Pop wasn't as eager as the others Hawaii saw poteinal in her and let her join the group. Turns out she was right as Pop made a powerful ally. She also asked Pixie to join the Puffle League, since he scaled the Tallest Mountain all by himself, and that's something no other puffle had ever done.


She's the only one that knows about Pixie's crush on Tawny, but she promised to keep it as a secret.

Her Second In Command is Pixie.

Hawaii's GalleryEdit

Hawaii Laughing

Hawaii laughing


Hawaii, determined

Hawaii's various poses

Hawaii's different poses